Helping Clients with Debt Settlements and Other Bankruptcy Options in Cook County, Illinois

If you are facing a large amount of debt that is unmanageable, personal bankruptcy is often a good option. However, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can only be filed every eight years and will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, so it is a step that should not be taken lightly. For this reason, it is always best to explore possible alternatives to bankruptcy before going down that road.

At the Law Offices of Eric Zelazny, we have been helping clients resolve debt problems and IRS issues since 1996. Attorney Eric Zelazny is a lawyer and CPA with in depth knowledge of both legal and financial matters. Eric has lectured frequently on these topics and been called upon to testify before the courts. He offers highly personalized service with free no obligation consultations, putting his experience to work to find the best solution to resolve your financial difficulties.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Illinois

Our goal is to serve our clients’ best interests and come up with the right solution tailored around the specifics of each individual case – whether through bankruptcy or implementing an effective alternative. The first step is to thoroughly examine your financial situation and look at all options available. Much will depend on the types of debts you are dealing with. For example, if you have high balances on unsecured credit cards, it may be easier to negotiate a debt settlement with the issuer. Secured debts such as home mortgages are not as easy to resolve without surrendering the property. However, many lenders are willing to consider loan modifications as an alternative to foreclosure, so it may still be possible to keep your home and lower your monthly payment to something more manageable. Resolving IRS debts are the most difficult, but the IRS has programs in place to offer more flexible terms to taxpayers that want to settle.

If you are drowning in debt and not sure how to get out of it, contact the Law Offices of Eric Zelazny today at 708-888-2299 for your free consultation. Eric will take the time to thoroughly examine your finances and determine your best option to gain financial freedom in the shortest time possible. Whether through bankruptcy or an alternative, you will come away knowing which path is right for you. Our law offices represent clients for bankruptcy and debt settlements in Joliet, Tinley Park, Mokena, Frankfort, Orland Hills, New Lenox, Will County, Cook County, DuPage County and surrounding Illinois communities.