Experienced Lawyer for IRS Payroll, Personal Liability and Withholding Tax Issues

If your business is under audit or owes money to the IRS, you need to seek immediate help. Doing nothing could lead to more severe consequences; such as tax liens, levies on bank accounts and even seizure of business property. With the future of your business at stake, you need an experienced counselor by your side with knowledge of both financial and legal matters to help resolve your IRS issues.

Since 1996, the Law Offices of Eric Zelazny have been providing skilled representation for businesses with IRS issues in Cook County and throughout Illinois. Attorney Eric Zelazny is a lawyer and certified public accountant that knows the numbers as well as he knows the law. Eric has lectured regularly on these topics and been called upon by the courts several times to testify. He often handles more difficult cases and frequently represents attorneys, CPAs, doctors and other professionals with complicated financial issues. Eric also offers friendly and personalized service with free consultations and meeting you wherever is most convenient.

Business IRS Issues in Illinois

Businesses with a large amount of debt usually have problems with the IRS as well. Often, businesses owe back taxes to the IRS without even realizing it. For example, if your company runs into financial problems and you fail to meet payroll, you may not be aware that you are still responsible for the payroll taxes on the wages you failed to pay your employees. Over time, penalties and interest accumulate, leaving the business owing an even larger debt to the IRS. This is why it is important to deal with business IRS issues sooner rather than later; before your debt spirals out of control and your business is in danger of going under.

Business Tax Settlements

With an effective negotiating strategy, it is possible to reach a favorable settlement and put your business tax controversy behind you. Settlement options include an “Offer in Compromise” (OIC) where you make a lump sum settlement offer to the IRS for less than the amount owed, or an installment agreement. Recent changes to the IRS “Fresh Start” program have made it easier to qualify for these options. Business bankruptcy is another way to discharge tax debts under certain conditions, but going this route could open the door to other complications, so it should only be done as a last resort.

If you have a business that is under audit or facing a mountain of IRS tax debt, contact the Law Offices of Eric Zelazny today at 708-888-2299 for your free consultation. Eric will put his experience to work for you to help you navigate the rough waters of IRS tax law and work toward a favorable resolution. Our law offices represent clients with business IRS issues in Tinley Park, Orland Park, Oak Lawn, Mokena, Frankfort, Orland Hills, New Lenox, Will County, Cook County, DuPage County and surrounding Illinois communities.