– Does your business owe thousands of dollars to the IRS and  considering bankruptcy? 

When small businesses encounter financial difficulty, as with individuals, there are several solutions available to handle business debt or tax problems. However, when a business falls behind on bills, the situation can become far more complicated, often involving more than just debts owed to banks and employees, but taxes due to the IRS as well. If you own a small business and face unmanageable debt, you need skilled financial and legal counsel to help your business get back on its feet. EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions was started to provide a multi-skilled approach to complicated business issues that might include back taxes, unpaid debts, accounting issues, or payroll knowing our skill set best serves complicated multi-faceted financial and business problems. You and your business are unique, there is a lot to be considered least of all your future. For a complicated financial crisis, you don’t want someone selling a cookie-cutter solution that is easy for the lawyer but not tailored to your unique situation. You want an attorney focused on creating the best outcome for you, your family and your business.

– Who is EZ Business Bankruptcy & IRS Solutions? Who is lawyer Eric Zelazny

Since 1996,  Eric Zelazny of EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions has been helping businesses, from sole proprietors to businesses owing thousands to millions in debt.  Each situation is unique and deserves a unique approach that considers all aspects of your life not just your business.  Eric Zelazny of EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions is a business bankruptcy attorney, IRS attorney and CPA with vast experience handling even the most complicated financial issues for small businesses. Eric Zelazny has lectured often on bankruptcy and IRS law to other lawyers.  Eric Zelazny  has been called upon several times by the courts to testify on financial matters. He takes on even the most difficult cases, no matter how much you owe with confidence.  He delivers highly personalized service, working with each client to craft a solution tailored to meet their needs and meeting with them at their office for the first FREE consultation.

EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions takes the time necessary and applies all his knowledge to help businesses recover from their financial difficulties.

If you have business debts and IRS tax problems that are becoming hard to manage, contact Eric Zelazny at  EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions at 708-998-5734 for immediate help. EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions will meet with you personally to examine your situation and let you know what options are available to successfully resolve these issues. His initial consultation is completely free, and he will meet you wherever is most convenient to discuss your case. Take the first step toward putting your business and your life back on a solid financial footing.

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