EZ Business Bankruptcy & IRS Solutions delivers the same powerful service to individuals facing debt problems and IRS issues as we do for businesses owing millions.

If you are facing a mountain of personal debt or owe back taxes to the IRS, it can create untold stress in virtually every area of your life.  Unfortunately, doing nothing will only make the problem worse.  The collection calls may eventually lead to judgments, wage garnishments, your bank account being seized and even a lien on your personal property. Before the situation deteriorates any further, it is important to seek skilled legal guidance.

For over 20 years, Attorney Eric Zelazny of EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions has been helping individuals in your situation secure positive resolutions for their financial and/or IRS tax issues. Attorney Eric Zelazny has both an accounting and legal background, having lectured many times on these issues and been called upon by the courts on several occasions to testify as an expert. Eric is friendly, personable and delivers a powerful, cost-effective solution for your debt problems. He handles each case personally, taking the time to answer your questions and educate you on the best way forward to putting your life back on track.

Our services include:


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Generally considered the last resort, Chapter 7 is a complete liquidation of qualified debts, meaning you are no longer responsible for these debts once they are discharged. Individuals with a large amount of debt that they are no longer able to manage and have little hope of paying back will benefit the most from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: This is essentially a debt consolidation and reorganization plan administered by the courts. The borrower proposes a plan to repay a portion of his/her debt in manageable monthly installments over a period of three to five years.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: This process involves financial reorganization and is done mostly by businesses. However, certain individuals in higher income brackets will be required to choose Chapter 11 if they decide to file for bankruptcy.
Protection from Creditors: Creditor harassment can become a big problem for individuals dealing with debt problems. Sometimes, honest communication and negotiation may be enough to reach a settlement with your creditors. Other times, some type of bankruptcy filing may be necessary.

Life after Bankruptcy: Our job does not end when the bankruptcy is discharged. We understand that in order to secure a brighter financial future, you will need to alter your spending habits, start saving and take deliberate steps to rebuild your credit. We provide guidance and direction in all of these areas.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy is not the answer for every financial difficulty. There are times when it makes more sense to resolve your debts without going through the courts. We explore all options.

IRS Issues: Individuals with IRS tax problems, such as past due taxes, liens, and bank levies, can count on experience as a bankruptcy attorney, IRS lawyer, and CPA to help them effectively deal with the world’s largest collection agency.
Every individual situation is unique. For some, a full Chapter 7 bankruptcy may make sense. Others are better off with a Chapter 13 reorganization or settling their debts without going through the courts. The path you choose will have a profound effect on your financial future and that of your family. For this reason, it should not be made without skilled legal guidance from our bankruptcy attorneys. EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions is not committed to any certain course of action. We personally examine your situation and look at all options to determine which one is best in your case.  Contact EZ Business Bankruptcy and IRS Solutions today at 708-888-2299 to schedule your free no obligation consultation. Our law offices represent clients for personal bankruptcy and IRS issues in Joliet, Tinley Park, Chicago, Mokena, Frankfort, Orland Hills, New Lenox, Will County, DuPage County, Cook County, Kane County, and Kendall County Illinois.