A CPA and an Attorney!

Eric’s expertise does not stop at the law—he is also a certified public accountant. Bankruptcy is about money: how much was there, what happened to it, what’s left and the prospects of getting or losing more.

Eric Zelazny knows bankruptcy law so we’ll he teaches it to other attorneys.

Over 1,337 lawyers in the Chicago area have learned the principles, intricacies and yes, even a few tricks of the trade from Eric.

Certified Expert Witness.

Having been certified and approved by the court to testify as an expert witness provides instant credibility in presentations and claims to judges, creditors and IRS agents.

Debt Reduction is the start, not the end.


Business Bankruptcy

The economic climate of recent years has led many small businesses to encounter financial difficulty.

Personal Bankruptcy

If you are facing a mountain of personal debt or owe back taxes to the IRS, it can create untold stress in virtually every area of your life.

IRS Debt

Everyone says you can’t get rid of IRS debt–don’t believe them.

Bankruptcy Strategy

It’s complicated.  When to file is a choice that can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • Knowledgeable about the law.

    Eric Zelazny was an answer to prayer! He helped me through a very difficult legal issue. He is honest and forthcoming. He doesn’t settle for mediocrity, he works until he has exhausted every avenue of defense. Eric has changed my perception of what a lawyer represents. He is very knowledgeable about the law and he is someone you can trust.
    –Lonnie, Bankruptcy Client
  • I would recommend over anyone else..

    Eric Zelazny is a very intelligent and skilled attorney. If you ever need outstanding legal service, he is the person to call. He has the experience and savvy to think out of the box and help you to achieve your objective. If I know of anyone who needs any type of legal advice, he is the one that I would recommend over anyone else. I am truly indebted to him for assisting me in my hour of need.
    – Eric, Bankruptcy Client